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The Metaphysical Landscape
Gregg Simpson: The Adept
oil on canvas, 4' x 5', 1971
        This exhibition, was conceived by Gregg Simpson, and organized with Alvin Balkind of the University of British Columbia's
        Fine Arts Gallery. The theme of the exhibition was the
relationship of alchemy to surrealism, a project for which Simpson
        receievd a Canada Council
grant in 1971, sponsored by VAG Cheif Curator, Doris Shadbolt and former National Gallery
        Director, Richard Simmins.

        With a letter of introduction to the Parisian Surrealists from
William Rubin of the Museum of
        Modern Art, New York, Simpson went to Paris and began
ended up arranging what would become the first exhibition of
        avant garde art to tour Europe from Canada's
west coast.

        It was first shown at U.B.C., January 9-27, 1973. The touring schedule included installations at the Centre Culutrel
        Canadien in Paris, March 15-April 14 with subsequent stops in
St. Brieuc (Brittany); Canada House (London, U.K.);
        Palais des Beaux-Arts, Charleroi,
Belgium. It returend to Canada in 1974 to be shown at McMaster University and the
of Western Ontario.

david uu: Ruinick
 mixed media  24" x 28", 1971

Gregg Simpson: The Pathos and Enigma of Goethe's Childhood
 oil on canvas, 2.5' x 3.5', 1971

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