INTERMEDIA: An Illustrated Chronology


        Contemporary Arts Festival, University of British Columbia

        CBC Television Series, The Enterprise, featured half hour productions by artists, many of who worked at
        the Motion Studios including The Helen Goodwin Dancers and the Al Neil Trio.

Helen Goodwin (left);
(right) THECO Dancers: ( Clockwise)  Joan Payne, Evelyn Roth, Rita Watson

        Intermedia Society leased a four storey building at 575 Beatty St.  There were studios for film editing and
        sound recording, bill bissett's blewointment press, the Al Neil Trio's rehersal space, and open spaces on the
        first and second floors for performances.

The Al Neil Trio in rehersal in their
studio at Intermedia's Beatty St. location

        April 15: article in Vancouver Sun, Grant Sought.

        Exhibition: Joy and Celebration, U.B.C. Fine Arts Gallery prsented several artists associated with both the
        Sound Gallery/Motion Studios and Intermedia including Gary Lee Nova, Dallas Selman, Michael Morris,
        Audrey Doray, Roy Kiyooka, Ian Wallace and Darcy Henderson.

Michael Morris: Cover of Catalogue for Joy and Celebration

        May: article in The Vancouver Sun, Understanding Intermedia


Visual poem by Judith Copithorne, 1967

  July 21: article in The Province on American artist, Robert Rauschenberg mentions Intermedia finding a space.

  Article in Vancouver Sun, Sam Perry's Last Trip.

Intermedia 1968

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