INTERMEDIA: An Illustrated Chronology, 1972-1973


        January to December 1972: Intermedia LIP (Local Initiatives Program) grant. Twelve people hired under
        Image Bank, Pacific Rim Consciousness and other projects.

        Isle of Avalon Ritual Theatre Group performs at the Art Gallery of Ontario (included david uu, Gregg Simpson
        and Ingrid uu). The periodical Lodgisticks begins publishing, edited by david uu.

        March:event, Four Dimensional Mirror, Intermedia Video Band at the Burnaby Art Gallery, included Ed Varney,
        Tom Osborne, Sharon McDonald, Judith Copithorne and Don Druick.


        Summer: Art Pool/Pool D'Art OFY grant.

        Official activities of the Intermedia Society ceased. 

         Intermedia Press, located at Beach Avenue and Hornby St. (continues today as a commercial printer at a
        different location ).

        Intermedia press produced such books as Saturated Scenes  by Gregg Simpson, the Book of Days by
        Henry Rappaport, and Human Nature by Ed Varney.

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