A NEW ARCADIA, The Art of Gregg Simpson
Produced and Directed by Mehdi Ali.  Written by Carol M. Cram
                This documentary made between 2000 and 2003, is a study of the artist's life and career, culmintaing in an exhibition in the
                14th century Fortezza di Montalcino in Tuscany.  Watch A New Arcadia on streaming video.  It has been screened at several art film

See more on the exhibition at the Fortezza di Montalcino

The artist at work on a painting

A New Arcadia,  1997

The Fortezza di Montalcino

Installation on the second floor

Canadian West Coast Hermetics,
Paris, 1973

French Art Critic,
é  Pierre

L'Univers Surréaliste
José  Pierre
Editions Somogy, Paris, 1983

acrylic on canvas, 1997

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Festival Screenings:
FIFA. 2004
, McCord Museum, Montreal

Biennale Internazionale di Ferrara - 11-19 December 2004, Castello Estense - Ferrara, Italy

PLAY III - International Video Art Festival - 15-16-17 October 2004,
Museo de Arte "Ángel M. De Rosa" - Junìn, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Produced and Directed by Mehdi Ali, 
Written by Carol M. Cram
Music by Gregg Simpson, Paul Cram, Richard Anstey, Paul Plimley, Coat Cooke
Broadcasts: Bravo Network / Knowledge Network
Copyright Fountain Productions

Canadian Distribution:  Order a copy of the documentary from Moving Images

      From the Moving Images catalogue:

        Gregg Simpson is an internationally recognized artist and musician who began his work during the west coast
        renaissance of the 1960s. This thoughtful documentary reveals how the rain forest in which he grew up
        influenced his work and how he felt a kinship with the imagery of west coast native artists. It features the
        new-surrealistic dreamscape paintings for which he was known in the 70s, followed by the cellular organic
        shapes of later work, the Mediterranean-influenced cloisonnist series of the 1990s and more recent free form
        abstractions. It also explores the hybrid style that Simpson developed by mixing west coast landscape with the
        Arcadian worlds of Tuscany and Provence. This innovation culminated in an exhibition of his work in the
        14-century Fortezza di Montalcino in Tuscany during May 2000. Writers, art historians and gallery directors
        discuss Simpson’s place in the Vancouver, Canadian and international art scenes and illuminate the process by
        which he transmutes the influences of diverse cultures, landscapes and historical art movements.

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