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Collectors Edition Vinyl LP`s

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Retrospective: 1965-1968
The Al Neil Trio

New Orchestra Quintet
The Complete Recordings: 1978-'79

Sunship Jazz Ensemble
Original LP released in 1975


Alive in Seattle
Lunar Adventures

Drum Fire
Gregg Simpson Solo and Duets


NOW You Hear It
New Orchestra Workshop

The Future is Now
New Orchestra Workshop

Harmolodic Highlanders
The Celtic Jazz of Gregg Simpson
Gravity Boots
Ralph Eppel
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New Orchestra Quintet
The Complete Recordings: 1978-'79
 The 6 CD Box Set with notes is currently out of print
Selected Pieces are available as Downloads

"The New Orchestra Quintet is the strongest thing I’ve heard coming out of Canada. "
    - Milo Fine, Cadence Magazine, 1980
    "Up ‘Til Now presents conceptual and structural risks, abrupt juxtapositions and flaring tangents."
    - Bill Shoemaker, Coda Magazine,1980.

    "Up ‘Til Now far outstripped Canadian records in 1980."
    - Mark Miller, Globe and Mail, 1982.

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Featuring: Lunar Adventures, Paul Cram Trio, Tribal Dynamics
Condition West 003

promises a tantalizingly odd hybrid of sounds and that’s just what it is"

"This is a mix of seemingly incongruous elements that comes out as insanely inspired fun.
think the inventor of harmolodics, Ornette
Coleman, would definitely approve."

-Jerome Wilson, Cadence Magazine, June 2005

$15.00 plus $10.00 postage

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Sunship Jazz Ensemble

Blue Minor Records 121 2004A
Includes booklet insert

        The Sunship Ensemble, which formed in 1974, was a group in tune with its times. The incorporation of world music, drawn from many cultures,
        was evident in many celebrated jazz groups of the early 1970s. Their music reflected the Afro-Latin influences of the times, but Sunship Ensemble
        incorporated even more extended free form improvisations than most other fusion groups of the time. Although international in outlook, the group
        played a regionally-based  music, influenced by the west coast rainforest environment.

Ross Barrett (tenor sax, flute, keyboard) / Bruce Freedman (tenor sax) / Richard Anstey (soprano sax)
Alan Sharpe (guitar)// Clyde Reed (bass/)/ Gregg Simpson (drums)


1. Mesopotamia 2. Atlantis Rising 3. Inca 4. Great Wall of China 5. African Village
6. Green Apple Quickstep 7. Birds of a Feather 8. Stop Stop 9. Nest of the Wounded Crow

         Some of the material for this CD was previously released on a 1975 CBC Transcription Recording, entitled Pacific Rim, produced by
        George Laverock, including several originals by Alan Sharpe and one piece entitled Great Wall of China, written by the Montreal-born pianist,
        Rick Kitaeff whose group in Japan at the time, Electric Ninja, shared the CBC album with the Sunship Ensemble. To reflect the Pacific Rim theme,
        the groups each did a composition by their counterpart across the Pacific
        Recorded: #1-8: 1975, #9: 1971, #1- 4 CBC Studio 'A',Vancouver, #5-9: various studios in Vancouver.

Listen to and Download Tracks

$15.00 plus $10.00 postage
Includes an illustrated booklet

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Solo and Duets

Gregg Simpson: Drums
Glenn Spearman-tenor saxophone
Paul Plimley : piano
George McFetridge: piano, soprano saxophone
Paul Cram: alto saxophone

"a sharp turn toward the outer stratosphere"
-Jerome Wilson, Cadence Magazine, June 2005

Listen to and Download Tracks

Condition West Recordings 001
$15.00 plus $10.00 for shipping

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The Al Neil Trio
Retrospective 1965-1968
 Double CD

Al Neil - piano, zither, vocals, miscellaneous instruments;
Richard Anstey - acoustic bass, soprano sax, vocals, toy instruments;
Gregg Simpson - drums, percussion, toy instruments, sound collages

          "Canadian pianist Al Neil may be little known except for a circle of old Vancouver enthusiasts, but it makes this two-CD RETROSPECTIVE
          all the more fascinating to study. As a writer and poet, he imported his spontaneous cut-up technique into the music, which added to
          drummer Gregg Simpson's tape loop contraption (the "vortexerola"), and bassist Richard Anstey's uncanny vocalizations produced
          some very weird real-time sound collages. Neil's style combines elements of Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, and Taylor (even though
          he wasn't aware of it); he has power, over-spilling emotions, and a certain form of madness that actually pushes the music further
          over the edge than what Taylor was doing at the time. It takes you back to the days when experimental music meant taking risks.
          A definitive document."  -François Couture, All Music Guide

Listen to and Download Tracks

Limited quantity available
Blue Minor Records 1212001
 $30.00 plus $15.00 for mailing (includes 36 page booklet)

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Lunar Adventures
Alive in Seattle

                Featuring: Coat Cooke, Ron Samworth, Clyde Reed, Gregg Simpson
 Recorded live in 1987 at the Ear It Live Festival, Seattle.

Nine Winds   NWCD 0132  (out of print)
(Cover art by Gregg Simpson)

Download the Album

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New Orchestra Workshop Anthology #1
Nine Winds   NWCD 0131

Featuring: Coat Cooke, Ron Samworth, Clyde Reed, Gregg Simpson, Paul Plimley,
Kate Hammett-Vaughn, Graham Ord, Paul Blaney, Roger Baird, Bruce Freedman,
Bill Clark, Claude Ranger and others.

Downloads available soon

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NOW You Hear It

New Orchestra Workshop Anthology #2
Nine Winds NWCD 0151

Downloads available soon

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Gravity Boots.
2 CD's

Recorded live at the Glass Slipper, Vancouver
                            Ralph Eppel (trombone, trumpet), Tony Wilson (guitar) and Gregg Simpson, drums) on all tracks.
                            Featured on various tracks: tenor sax players Oldritch Zitek and Rob Armus, vibist Gordon Koch,
                            bassists Paul Blaney, Danny Parker and James Young.

New Orchestra Recordings   NOR 011

Download CD1

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