INTERMEDIA: An Illustrated Chronology


        January: publication, Ace Space Atlas, by Dana Atchley.

        January 23: event, Random Tape Performance included tapes by Ed Varney performed by Henry Rappaport
        and Judy Copithorne, UBC Music School.

        January 28: event, Intermedia at the Racetrack Gallery, PNE, Gerry Gilbert, Maxine Gadd, Dave Rimmer,
        Henry Rappaport and Ed Varney.

        March 19: event, Sprong, fashion show by Rare and Intermedia, UBC Festival of the Arts and Vancouver Art

        May 19.- 31: event, the Intermedia Dome Show, Vancouver Art Gallery.

Preparing for the Dome Show, 1970

        May 22: article, by Joan Lowndes, The Vancouver Sun

        May 23: event, Poetry Night, Intermedia Dome Show, Vancouver Art Gallery, Maxine Gadd, Judy Copithorne,
        Gerry Gilbert, Henry Rappaport and Ed Varney.

        May 24 & May 31: event, Mime Show, Intermedia Dome Show, Vancouver Art Gallery, Dean Fogel.

        May 25: event, Film Night, Intermedia Dome Show, Vancouver Art Gallery

        May 29: event, Al Neil Trio, Intermedia Dome Show, Vancouver Art Gallery, Al Neil, Gregg Simpson and
        Marguerite Neil.

Marguerite Neil during Al Neil Trio performance, Dome Show
Photo-Boxes by Michael de Coursey, Dome by Al Hewitt.

        May 30: event, City Feast, Intermedia Dome Show, VAG, choreographed by Helen Goodwin

        June 10: event, exhibition of multi media environmental works, Entropy, by Gary Lee Nova, Bob Arnold,
        Dennis Vance, Al Hewitt , Stratford, Ontario.

Installation: Stratford, Ontario by Gary Lee Nova, Bob Arnold and Dennis Vance.

        Summer, Intermedia moved to an old church hall at 2023 East First Avenue.

        Barry Cramer replaced Werner Aellen as director.

        September to March 1971: workshops, Variety of 1/2 day workshops held at the Vancouver School of Art
        produced by various Intermedia personnel.

        September: publication of Babyland Blues by Gerry Gilbert.

        September 22: event, Autumnal Equinox dance, sound, light show, poetry readings, movies, & costumes.

        Opening event at East Ist location. 400 people attended.

        October: event, Stop the City, 3 day inter high school project using Intermedia members. Organized by
        Dr. Maurice Gibbons.

        October 15: workshop, by Keith Rodan, on filmmaking at 2023 East Ist.

        Convention at the Hotel Vancouver, Ed Varney, Tom Osborne (Sculpture), and Glenn Lewis (Closets).

        Performances by david uu and Gregg Simpson and the Isle of Avalon Society: The Celestial Summer of Dr. Dog
        at the Racetrack Gallery, P.N.E., Vancouver and Embalmanation at the Satellite Gallery.

Scene from Embalmanation with david uu, Ingrid Harris and Bob Coleman

        October 18: workshop, Roneo Printing Workshop at Intermedia - produced a 16 page booklet.

         October 25: workshop, Audio tape seminar at Satellite Gallery, Judy Copithorne and Ed Varney.

        October 26: event, McLean's Confrontation, McLean's visit to Intermedia at East Ist documented. Article
        published in Jan 1971 McLeans.

        October 28: large rotaprint offset press moved into basement of 2023 East Ist.

        October 29 :event, Intermedia Video Band Performance.

        October 30: event, Intermedia sound light show spectacular at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Satellite Gallery.

         November: event, Intermedia Video Band at Bearpaw, set near Squamish. Henry Rappaport, Ellie Gomber,
        Gerry Gilbert, Dennis Vance, Bonnie and Ed Varney.

        November: event, work by Al Hewett, Dennis Vance and Evelyn Roth utilizing electronic costumes and dance

        Event: The Percussionauts, Gregg Simpson, Jim McGillveray, Dr. Dog (david uu) Included flaming baton
        twirling act by Cheryl and Cindy.

        November 12: event, Four Episodes, Vancouver Art Gallery, Ed Varney.

        Opening of the Colonial Magic Theatre operated by Terry Loychuk and Wally Robinson. The theatre
        featured music, ritual theatre pieces, magic acts and regular vintage film screenings.

Activities at the Colonial Magic Theatre, 1970

        November 13: event, Communications Environment, Michael Goldberg.

        November 16: workshop, offset printing seminar,2023 East Ist.

        December 1, 7, 12, 14: events/workshops, Marsha Stone and Maxine Gadd produce Kitsilano Tape.
        This work, and other video tapes, shown at 2023 East 1st.

        December 24: event, Intermedia Christmas gathering at 2023 East 1st.

Intermedia 1971

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