INTERMEDIA: An Illustrated Chronology


        January to May: workshops, schedule:- Monday evening: Helen Goodwin - dance, Tuesday evening:
        Sharon McDonald - dance, Wednesday evening: Mike Goldberg- mime, Thursday evening: Don Druick -
        music, Saturday: John Moreland -Manfrog Theatre.

        January: event, Color Optics, exhibition featured a number of Internmedia artists at the Burnaby Art Gallery, including:
        Audrey Doray, Tom Osborne, Gary Lee Nova, Gregg Simpson, Henry Rappaport, Judith Copithorne, and Ed Varney.

Saturn Colliding
 enamel on colour reproduction, 1970
by Gregg Simpson

enamel on colour reproduction, 1970
by Gregg Simpson

        January 16: event , Bob Arnold's Electronic Tunnel exhibited at the Satellite Gallery.

        January 20: workshop, print seminar at 2023 East Ist.

        January 27: workshop by Christa Preus, Active Learning Project.

        February: event, UBC Print Project, in conjunction with the Festival of the Arts, given by Henry Rappaport and
                           Ed Varney

        February 6: event, Tri Solar Pool, Colonial Magic Theatre, Ed Varney, Gilles Foisy, David uu, Brad Wendkos,
                          Jim Harned, etc.

        February 12: event, Intermedia Video Band Long Beach Project, Ed Varney, Brad Wendkos, Greg Snider,  Ian Freund, Bonnie Varney.

        February 20: event, Image Bank Project

        March 12:   event, Jim Carter poetry reading, Vancouver Art Gallery.

        March 16 - 25: event, Rinse Cycle, Satellite Gallery.

        April : publication, B.C. Almanac featured Michael de Courcy, Jack Dale, Chris Dikeakos, Joane Payne, Gerry Gilbert, Roy Kiyooka, Glen Lewis, Taras Masciuch.

        Spring:  Performances of ritual theatre pieces, Aether Ore david uu, Ingrid Harris, Gregg Simpson and Alan Sharpe and Gateway to Olympus, a solo piece for performer
                    and tape by Gregg Simpson at the UBC's S.U.B. Building.

        April: event, Al Hewett and Dennis Vance produced electronic sound environment.

        April: event, Intermedia Video Band, Alberta College of Art, Henry Rappaport, Brad Wendkos, Wes Hartley, Ed Varney.

        April: event, Musical Knit, Evelyn Roth.

        June: workshop, Barbara Lloyd dance, mime, etc, workshop at 2023 East Ist.

        June: workshop, Yvonne Ranier, minimal dance workshop at 2023 East Ist.

        June: Al Sharpe and Norman Rich film making workshop

        June 21:event, Environmental Opera, Helen Goodwin, Spanish Banks, featuring numerous Intermedia artists.

        July 20: event, Ed Dorn poetry reading, 2023 East Ist.

        Summer: Vancouver Print Project, Intermedia Press  funded by OFY (Opportunities For Youth project employed seven people for the summer to produce
                      and print promotional material for community groups for the cost of materials only.)

        Summer: publication,"Junk Mail", produced by Ed Varney and Henry Rappaport.

        September: Audrey Doray exhibits piece from Intermedia Dome Show in New York.

        September 4: event, Pacific Rim Consciousness, blocks with message dumped in ocean via freighter, Tom Osborne, Ed Varney, Henry Rappaport.

Intermedia 1972-1973

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