Collages done in 1972 as Illustrations for
LOCUS SOLUS by Raymond Roussel
                                        "A prominent scientist and inventor, Martial Canterel, has invited a group of colleagues to visit the park of his country estate, Locus Solus. As the group tours the estate,
                                        Canterel shows them inventions of ever-increasing complexity and strangeness. After an aerial pile driver which is constructing a mosaic of teeth and a huge glass diamond filled
                                        with water in which float a  dancing girl, a hairless cat named Khóng-dek-lèn, and the preserved head of Danton, we come to the central and longest passage: a description of
                                        eight curious tableaux vivants taking place inside an enormous glass cage. We learn that the actors are actually dead people whom Canterel has revived with 'resurrectine',
                                        a fluid of his invention which if injected into a fresh corpse causes it continually to act out the most important incident of its life." -John Ashberry

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The Estate of Canterel

Portrait of Canterel

Canterel and the Resurrectine

Locus Solus-1

The Abduction

Covered Wagon Days

The Deception Begins

The Lair of the Brigand, Grocco

The Deception is Complete

The Aftermath

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