Pop Funk Paintings
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             Neo-Cubism, oil on canvas, 1965

Block House
oil on panel, 1966

Plateau in Deep Space
enamel on canvas, 4' sq. 1967

 acrylic on canvas, 1966

acrylic on panels  24" x 30" 1966

Western Collision #2
acrylic on canvas 3' x 4'  1967

Large Nothing
acrylic on canvas, 5' x 4', 1967

Starscape 2
oil on panel, 3' x 4', 1967

acrylic on shaped canvas 5' x 6', 1967

Pyramidology - 2
acrylic on canvas 3.5' x 4.5, 1967

Evening Song
acrylic on panel, 6" x 14" 1967

Vista Vision
acrylic on canvas, 28" ea.side, 1967
Transcending Space
acrylic on canvas,  4' x 4.5 1967

acrylic on panel, 3.5' x 4', 1967

Sea Tantra 
acrylic on canvas, 4.5' x 5.5' 1967

Western Collision #1
  acrylic on canvas, 4' x 5', 1967
Collection of Intermedia Press, Vancouver

Coffee Coulored Nose Cone (for Duchamp)
acrylic on canvas, 4'6" ea. side, 1968

Cold Front
acrylic on canvas  4' x 5'  1967

Rainbowling Alley
acrylic on canvas  4'6" ea. side  1968

The Way Back

acrylic on canvas  1968 4'6" ea. side
(Private Collection, Vancouver)

acrylic on canvas, 5' x 1', 1968

Cloud Pyramid
acrylic on canvas, 5' x 3', 1968

Not-so-Watertight Container
acrylic on canvas, 3' x 3', 1968

 Lost or destoyed
acrylc on canvas, 4' x 4.5', 1967
Coast Art Trust Collection, University of Victoria

Birthday Rain
acrylic on camvas  4' 6" ea. side  1968
Sold,  Private Collection, Ontario

Chocolate Cream Nostalgia
acrylic on canvas  4.5' x 6'  1968
Sold,  Private Collection, Ontario

Rainbow and Sphere
  mixed media  4' x 4' 1968
Lost or destoyed

   acrylic on plexiglass  3.5' x 7'  1968
Lost or destoyed

Rainbow Filter-Kings
acrylic on canvas  4'6" ea. side  1968
Sold, Private Collection, Ontario

Hidden Colour
acrylic on canvas  5.5' ea. side  1969
Lost or destoyed

                    The paintings, drawings, and collages I made between 1967 and 1969 were a period of apprenticeship with Vancouver artist, Gary Lee Nova, who was just
                    back from studying  in the UK when I met him and began collaborating together on multi media projects with the Al Neil Trio at the Sound Gallery.
Lee Nova had made
                    a unique synthesis of Pop, west coast funk and
a kind of  Tantric geometry.

Also a strong influence was that of Jack Wise, whose calligraphic works influenced  me to do a series of  Mandalas.

                    From 1967-68, I worked alongside Lee Nova in an old bulding on Powell St., later known as the New Era Social Club. There  I experimented with shapes like elongated
                    diamonds, or pyramids, with rainbows, and Op Art polka dots. Under the mentorship of  Lee Nova I developed a neo-surrealistic brand of Pop-influenced landscape painting.

                     Before meeting Lee Nova,I had worked on a series of geometric paintings  influenced by British and  European artists of the early '60s such as Victor Vasarely, Richard
                     Moretensen, Victor Pasmore and Arturo Bonfanti.

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