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GALLERY ALPHA: 1990-1992

                                                            Established in 1990 by artist/educator, Ron Falcioni, the Gallery Alpha, located near Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver, mounted
                                                            a series of interesting exhibitions of mid-career artists
from a wide range of backgrounds.  Although operating on a limited budget,
                                                            Gallery Alpha filled the role
of a regional museum.  It offered a number of thematic, group and solo exhibitions which drew from painters
                                                            and sculptors, mixed media artists and photographers from the lower mainland of British Columbia. During its existence from 1990-1992,
                                                            this unique enterprise brought a number of innovative exhibitions
to the attention of the public.

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Tribal Dynamics
Brute Primitive
Geometric Expressionism
Rainforests of the Mind
Fertility Rites
Fantastic Visions
Head, Hunter, Simpson